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Welcome to LaComunity.
Please read these terms of use carefully.

LACOMUNITY is a marketplace that aims to provide a secure web platform to all parties for holiday and monthly rentals . Safety is the central component of the service provided by LACOMUNITY.

LACOMUNITY is a private service (hereinafter also referred to as "Service") that provides an Internet site (the "Web Site") whereby homeowners or licensed professionals can showcase their flats for rent and those interested in renting a home can contact them to finalize the rental (We refer to owners, professionals and tenants as the "Users" in these conditions unless specified that some of these would only affect one group). The private social platform of LACOMUNITY is managed by LACOMUNITY DEL ALQUILER INTELIGENTE S.L (hereinafter "LACOMUNITY" or "we").

These Legal Conditions govern the access and use of the Service and Website hosted under the domain name as well as all content in the same display or made available to users by us or by others users. When you register on this website, it signifies that you have read and agree to comply with all the provisions of these Terms of Use.

These Terms of Business may be supplemented by LACOMUNITY through conditions governing the use of certain services or products that may be offered on the Website, and which must be expressly accepted in each case.

The collection and processing of your personal data as well as the exercise of your rights to such data shall be governed by these terms and conditions and Privacy Policy and Data Protection.


By registering with LACOMUNITY you are asked to declare that you are over 18 and that you take full responsibility for this statement.

The LACOMUNITY team may contact you at any time to ask that you prove your age by giving us a photocopy of your ID card or an equivalent document. If you do not provide this information within our stated time period,we reserve the right to block or remove your profile from LACOMUNITY.

DNI data or other identifying documents to be provided will be used exclusively by authorized personnel at LACOMMUNITY for this task, and under no circumstance will it be used for any other purpose.

If we are informed that a child under 18 is registered as a user on LACOMUNITY, we will adopt the necessary measures and we may remove or block the user profile.

We ask that should you encounter any abuse or violation of these conditions, and in particular, those involving children's use of the Website, you communicate this to us immediately by an email sent to the address



Without damage to the PROFESSIONAL profile given on LACOMUNITY and the tools for advertising, media or sponsorship that LACOMUNITY may place at your disposal, legal persons - be they companies, associations or any other organizations - are prohibited from using the profile with a commercial purpose, advertising, promotional or for conducting economic activity without prior permission from LACOMUNITY.


You are required to make reasonable use of the Service and the Website and its contents, according to the possibilities and purposes for which it is intended: to serve as a forum for communication between tenants, landlords and professionals, with the intention of renting the dwellings exposed.

In relation to the Service, LACOMMUNITY acts simply as an intermediary that provides you with their website, solely assuming liability for the diligence that may be required by law. LACOMUNITY shall not assume any responsibility, either direct or indirect, arising from your use of the Service, the Website or the content located there.

LACOMUNITY will do everything reasonably possible to monitor the legality of the contents, opinions and other information that is communicated through the Service and that are posted on the Web Site, for example- putting at the disposal of all the visitors the same quick and helpful tools to report inappropriate content. However, independently of whether we try to control what is published in order to not violate these conditions, you will be solely responsible for the information, opinions, allusions or contents of any content you communicate, transmit, put at the disposal of or display through the Web Site, and, specifically, you are solely responsible for maintaining your profile, and the information, images, opinions, allusions of any content you communicate, transmit, make available or display on your profile.

Especially LACOMUNITY shall not be liable for editorial content, and we expressly declare that we do not identify with any of the opinions that LACOMUNITY users may choose to broadcast through the Service, and the consequences of which shall be the responsibility of the same issuer.

LACOMUNITY can limit access to the Service of reviews, information and user comments, having automatic and manual filters for this purpose. This does not in any way preclude that LACOMUNITY control the contents that can spread through the Service provided 24 hours a day, but it has the will to avoid, insofar as possible, that through LACOMUNITY content or opinions that might be considered defamatory, racist, sexist, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, violent or that, in any way violate principles of morals, public order or morality, or are clearly illicit, illegal or outside the purpose of this Service, can be disseminated on the Web.


It is prohibited and therefore its consequences will be your sole responsibility, accessing or using the Service to any illegal or unauthorized ends, with or without economic purpose, and, more specifically and without the following list being absolute, it is prohibited:

To host, store, disseminate, publish, distribute or share any content that could be considered a breach in any form of the fundamental rights to the honor, image and personal and family privacy of third parties and, especially, of minors.

If in the future the Website would allow, to host, store, disseminate, publish, distribute or share pictures or images or photographs that collect personal data from third parties without obtaining the appropriate consent of the owners and / or have followed the protocol accepted by LACOMUNITY.

Host, store, disseminate, publish, distribute or share any content that violates the secrecy of communications, the infringement of intellectual property or rules governing the protection of personal data.

Host, store, disseminate, publish, distribute or share any materials or information that is unlawful, racist, obscene, pornographic, abusive, libelous, deceptive, fraudulent or in any way contrary to morals, public order or the purpose of the Website.

Use the service to injure, defame, libel, intimidate or harass other users.

Make use of the Web Site or any of the services of LACOMUNITY, in general, in a way by which you could damage, overburden, or impair the Service or the Website.

Introduce viruses, corrupted files, or host, store, distribute or share any other material or program that may cause damage or alterations in the contents, programs or systems of LACOMUNITY or spy on users.

Use the Service to send advertising or commercial communications, for the broadcast of messages with advertising purpose or for the retrieval of data with the same purpose.

Use the Service, regardless of its purpose, to send massive and / or repetitive emails or messages, unsolicited, to a plurality of persons, or share the e-mail addresses of others without their consent.

Unless given express permission by LACOMUNITY, register and use the profile with an economic, commercial or advertising purpose.

Unless given express permission by LACOMUNITY, register and use the profile with an economic, commercial or advertising purpose. Urge, ask or solicit from other users personal data or solicit passwords or personal data through the service LACOMUNITY.

Create a false identity, supply and / or use false information in the profile, make false information about yourself and others and, in general, any other means of using identities of others and, in particular, the impersonation of personalities.

The realization of any of the above behaviors for your part, with or without financial consideration, allows LACOMUNITY- depending on the severity and in its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate your profile immediately and, if necessary, withdraw content on those profiles that violate these prohibitions.

In this application, LACOMUNITY may suspend or cancel your profile automatically with previous notice, and no case of such suspension or termination would entitle you to compensation.

LACOMUNITY can store the IP addresses of users occasionally or systematically, if deemed appropriate, such addresses being used exclusively for the purposes specified in the following paragraph.

For all these purposes, we inform you that LACOMUNITY shall always cooperate with law enforcement and judicial authorities, actively and with all the strength possible, if it detects any breach of the law or if it suspects crime.


LACOMUNITY is the owner of all rights of intellectual property found on the Web Site, except for the contents of any users who shall remain as provided in the following section. In these Terms of Use, LACOMUNITY, as owner of the Service, grants you a limited, revocable, non-sublicensable right to use the Service in a strictly personal manner. Except for the license referred to above, it is prohibited any form of reproduction, distribution, publication, modification and, in general, any act of exploitation of all or part of the content (images, text, graphics, indexes, forms, etc. .) that make up the Web Site and decompiling or reverse engineering of databases and software necessary for the visualization or the operation thereof, unless you have the express prior written permission of LACOMUNITY.

You may not, under any circumstances, commercially exploit or serve, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, any of the content (images, text, graphics, indexes, forms, etc..) that make up the Website without the prior written authorization of LACOMUNITY. If you breach this license, your LACOMUNITY profile will be canceled, without prejudice to other legal consequences arising from that breach.


When publishing content on your profile you preserve all your rights and responsibilities regarding them and you grant LACOMUNITY a limited license to reproduce and transmit them, in order to add information and to transform them for the sole purpose of adapting to the technical needs of the Service. This authorization is worldwide, non-exclusive (meaning you can grant another license to your Content to any person or entity, in addition to LACOMUNITY), for as long as you keep your profile with the sole and exclusive purpose that LACOMUNITY can lend you the service in the terms outlined in these Terms of Use.

The previous license will terminate once you remove your content from the Service or unregister your profile. From that moment, LACOMUNITY will interrupt communication of your content as soon as possible.

LACOMUNITY, after cancellation of the account, can store information if the lease has entered through the web and it is still valid or legal obligations remain on the lease.

Regarding the content you could post on the Service, you warrant:

That you are the owner or holder of the intellectual property rights published to the extent that you can grant the license to LACOMUNITY for publication.

That no quoted content violates applicable laws, such as those relating to privacy, image and / or honor, rights of intellectual property or similar or any rights of a third party, either an individual or an entity.

Therefore, you keep LACOMUNITY indemned against any claim or complaint by a third party in relation to any legitimate right of the content you have posted on the Service.



Guest: Person who makes the booking in order to use a property for the days stipulated.

Host: The person responsible for the housing and who puts it at the guest's disposal, can be one of three types: owner, professional or sublessor

Owner: The owner of the house offered

Professional: A professional of the housing sector who offers the property on behalf of the owner

Sublessor: A person who lives in the property and offers it with the owner's consent.

Booking: The total amount of the stay

Deposit: The amount requested by the host as a guarantee in case damage is made to the property or injury to others.

Rental process for vacation housing:

The full amount of the stay will be paid through the website by the host, including management fee.

The host must accept the booking to confirm it.

The booking amount will not be charged until the host accepts it.

LaComunity will transfer the total amount of the booking to the host not including the service charge after the 1st day of the guest's stay.

Cancellation policy:

Cancellation and refund policies aims that hosts, owners, professionals and guests feel completely protected and know the exact conditions of each property in case of booking cancellation.

LaComunity is in charge of negociating the best conditions regarding cancellation policies with each of our hosts in order to obtain the less restrictive conditions we can for our clients.

To check the cancellation policy applied to each lodging, you'll have to access a certain lodging page and check the Cancellation Policy section.

If a booking request is canceled as it has not been confirmed by the host, all the payment received by LACOMUNITY will be refunded to the guest, and if applicable, any pre-authorized credit card payments will not be made.

It is noted that in case of BOOKING a flat or room, LACOMUNITY will not make the charge if the owner or professional has not previously accepted the booking, therefore in the case of a booking non-acceptance, payment will not be refunded as it will have not yet been completed.

LACOMUNITY will return the amounts charged to the client during the BOOKING process if for reasons not attributable to LACOMUNITY it is not possible to make the booking.

If the host does not provide the service contracted, the total amount will be refunded to the customer.

In case of a complaint by any of the parties involved, they must communicate the same to LACOMUNITY within 24 hours after check-in.

The parties designate LACOMUNITY as arbitrator in any disputes that may arise between them.

Cancellation or partial execution of a confirmed booking by the host, will require compensation of the fee that LaComunity receives from the host, and also a possible compensation for any damages which may have occurred.


It will be the obligation of the host who leases a vacation apartment to have the relevant valid license for such use by the appropriate ordinances of the property location.

Once the notification of the booking has been sent, the host has 24h to confirm.

The guest has appointed LACOMUNITY as paying agent.

If the host has asked the guest of a deposit, the management of the payment will be completed by the host themselves, LACOMUNITY not intervene in this action.

Cancellation or partial execution of a booking already confirmed allows LaComunity to ask for an equivalent compensation.

If the host is a sublessor or professional, he/she will need an authorization from the owner to rent.

The host must return the deposit to the guest after their stay if no damage has occurred to housing or to third parties, caused by the fault of the guest. If it is necessary to deduct any amount the host will need to clearly indicate to the guest the amount deducted and the reason of this deduction.

The host is required to provide adequate and consistent service with the announcement and the rules of good faith. reserves the right to cancel any advertisement or backup in case of any complaints justified by the guests. In this case the host is not entitled to reimbursement for future reservations which still has not provided the service.


In order access to accommodation, is essential to have made the booking in advance.

It is the obligation of the guest to pay the security deposit at check-in if this has been requested by the host.

Guest must make proper use of the house and meet the House Rules specified on the website.


LaComunity is not responsible for any damage or injury incurred during the rental of accommodation, it is responsibility of the person who causes it, having to address any claim against the person responsible.

In case of a complaint by any of the parties involved, they must solve the problem between them. Both parties must notify LaComunity of any complaint within 24 hours from the cause of the problem in order to be able to act as arbitrator and aid in resolving the problem, if they agree.


The owner availing the service plus all the entries made in these particular legal bases must:

Provide that all information is accurate, to be the rightful owner to rent out the house.

Not offer leased housing for less than the advertised price on the website in any other medium.

Respect the selected discount for renting their apartment in publicizing the same conditions until 6 months after publication.


Lessee availing the service of all mentions made in these particular legal bases must:

Provide all information is accurate.

Provide data and any economic documents required to study your creditworthiness.


The professional service which makes use of all mentions also made in these particular legal bases must:

Provide all information is accurate, proving beyond any doubt that they are acting in the agreement and representation of the owner.

Respect the selected discount for renting their apartment in publicizing the same conditions until 6 months after publication.


The lessor of the room, in the case of not being the owner of the flat in which the room is rented, warrant that they have the express permission of the owner to individually sublet that room, LACOMUNITY is exonerated of any matter relating to the circumstances.


It will be the obligation of the owner of lessor who leases a vacation apartment to have the relevant valid license for such use by the appropriate ordinances.


It will be the obligation of the owner or professional who leases hire a flat for vacation purposes to possess the pertinent enforced license for the above mentioned use, according to the corresponding regulation. In the process of accommodation publication, you will find a field in which the tourist licence number should be added. In the case of the municipality of Barcelona, to assure the fulfillment of the regulation established by the Ayuntamiento of Barcelona and the Generalitat de Catalunya on apartments for tourist use (Ley 5/2012, of March 20, of fiscal, financial and administrative measures, and of creation of the Tax on Stays in Tourist Establishments), it is obligatory to complete this fiel and to hold the corresponding tourist license.

The lessor has appointed LACOMUNITY as paying agent.

It is host's obligation to pay the security deposit at check-in. This deposit is not charged by LACOMUNITY, but by the lessor directl.

- THE ADVERTISER is responsible for the proper accomplissement of the property offered by the regulations that may be applicable to the intended use. It will be the obligation of the owner of profession who leases a vacation apartment to have the relevant valid license for such use by the appropriate ordinances.

- The booking is only considered as confirmed when the ADVERTISER approves it. The ADVERTISER has 24 hours to confirm the booking. It is noted that in the case of a booking, LACOMUNITY will not make the charge if the professional has not previously accepted the booking.

- Cancellation or partial execution of a booking already confirmed by the ADVERTISER, allows LaComunity to request an equivalent compensation.

LaComunity DEL ALQUILER INTELIGENTE, SL is not responsible for any damage or injury caused during the rental of housing.

In the case of a complaint by any of the parties involved, they must resolve the problem between them. LaComunity can act as an intermediary to aid in resolution.


At LACOMUNITY we ensure the protection of the rights of our users, so any person or entity who detects that its contents have been published on the Website without your consent or generating an infringement of intellectual property and / or right to honor, privacy or image or any other law, may inform LACOMUNITY, emailing or by posting a letter to the address given at the end of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Data (with the case in the subject of email or postal mail express reference "Infringement") and accompanied by the following information:

Id content or personal information or protected right that has been violated.

ID of that content sufficiently so that we at LACOMMUNITY can locate it within the Service.

Enough Identification for LACOMMUNITY to contact the claimant: email and phone.

Copy of your ID, passport or similar official document that could identify you.

The use of automated tools or hand tools for immediate denunciation of content made available to users, legitimize LACOMUNITY to remove such content in the interim or permanently, if it determines that such complaints have virtuality. The user whose content has been removed by LACOMUNITY may approach the Service to rehabilitate such content, shall have the right and the obligation to provide any documentation LACOMUNITY deemed necessary to reach the conviction that such content is appropriate, does not violate any of the Terms of Use and may appear on the Website.

In no case is the user entitled to display its contents forever, endlessly, full and published on the Website, nor does LACOMUNITY assume any obligation in this regard.


You are solely responsible for any interactions you have with other users of LACOMUNITY. We do not control your relationships, what we recommend is that if someone harasses or bullies using the Web Site, you must notify us immediately so that we can take appropriate action.

LACOMUNITY is not responsible for conflicts that could occur with other users and which do not involve the noncompliance with the rules written at the Terms of Use.


You know and accept that there may be advertising on the Web Site and therefore that from your profile you can access other companies and advertising professionals contracted with LACOMUNITY. LACOMUNITY will use your email address to recommend specific proposals that are related to your interest only.


LACOMUNITY shall use your email to confirm your registration, changes to your profile, messages sent or received, etc.. You always have complete control over whether or not to receive such notices from the "user" section within the Web Site.


The use of any technical, logical or technological resource under which someone, user or not of LACOMUNITY, can benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, from profiles and content of the site is forbidden.

The use of any technical recourse, software or technology whereby anyone, LACOMUNITY user or not, can benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, from the profiles and web site content is prohibited.LACOMUNITY shall pursue the use of links, framing or similar links to redirect from another page with specific content from LACOMUNITY users and / or LACOMUNITY profiles, provided that the link of these features could violate the rights to privacy, honor and self-image of its users, in which case LACOMUNITY shall be fully justified in acting to remove that link and, where appropriate, to inform the competent authorities.


LACOMUNITY could replace at any time, the terms and conditions and Privacy Policy and Data protection and, depending on the case, substitute, complete and / or modify the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here written.

LACOMUNITY may replace at any time, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and Data Protection, and depending on the case, substitute, complete and / or modify the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy contained herein.When LACOMUNITY replaces or modify the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and Data Protection, we will send it via email to your registered account and if, after we have informed, you continue use of the Service, you understand that you have accepted the changes. If you were not in accordance with the changes, you can leave the Service following the procedure approved in the email itself.


The applicable regulations will determine the laws that should govern and the jurisdiction deciding about LACOMUNITY relations between users and Web Site. Nevertheless, in those cases where such regulations provide for the possibility for the parties to submit to jurisdiction determined (and if one party is not a consumer), LACOMUNITY and the User, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, subject to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona.


To be a LACOMUNITY member and to have a profile, you must read our Privacy Policy of Personal Information and give us your consent via the box on the registration form so we can process your information.

Access to the Service must necessarily imply that you provide LACOMUNITY with a range of personal information and therefore you consent to our Privacy Policy and Data Protection. It is prohibited to supply false data, therefore, and you should always log in with your real name and correct data. If LACOMUNITY detects false or incorrect information in profiles, it may cancel them, in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use.

The information you provide must remain fully updated at all times.

Access to the Service and use of the profile involves a commitment and obligation to make proper use of them, subject to these conditions and current legislation, whether national or international, as well as the principles of good faith, morals and public order, and with the commitment to observe diligently any additional instruction that, in relation to the use and access, can be required by LACOMUNITY. You are responsible for your use of the profile.


LACOMUNITY is a social network and private platform that facilitates communication between tenants, landlords, professionals, and others interested in the world of real estate leases between individuals.

Having a profile on LACOMUNITY requires that you are you at all times and are not trying to pass for any other individual. You need to be fully responsible and enter your real data. From LACOMUNITY we endeavor to verify the accuracy of your data, and we reserve, without prejudice to other actions, the right not to register or to unregister if the data you have provided is false or incomplete. The obligation to have a real profile is essential in LACOMUNITY. Also, please note that in LACOMUNITY as a private service, we reserve the right of admission, with the power to unilaterally delete any comments that we deem unsuitable for their content in connection with the Service, and even block users who persist in such comments, after being made aware of it.


In general terms, the content that you incorporate in LACOMUNITY has a public nature. At the same time, LACOMUNITY, shall keep your e-mail and information on the flat rental (rent, ID and bank details) completely confidential. You can choose whether to incorporate and share, or not, the exact address of your apartment or house.


The personal data you contribute in the process of registration at LACOMUNITY are included in the database of users which we have informed to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

The personal data you input in the registration process shall be included in the LACOMUNITY database of users, of which we have informed the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. FYI, the Spanish Agency for Data Protection is an entity that is responsible for enforcing the laws that protect personal information and ensure security and data privacy. Further information on the Agency's website:

If we collect your information it is to process it as user login in LACOMUNITY, to give you access to LACOMUNITY and to put at your disposal all the facilities and applications. In addition, we will keep you informed via the website or by email of all developments arising on LACOMUNITY, including new products and services that we may launch, and we ask you to give us your opinion via satisfaction surveys. We may also use your e- email to invite you to sponsored events. These events are activities sponsored by a company or group that collaborates with LACOMUNITY and in which, if you're interested, you can participate. From LACOMUNITY we promise not to give your details to any third party unless the transfer is necessary for the provision of the service (for example, a partner in the contract or insurance company).

The data that we ask you to provide upon sign up are needed to provide you with the service, appearing with an asterisk when mandatory, without which we cannot register you. And later the data needed to rent once you are in the renting process.

As a LACOMUNITY user, regardless of what was said at the time of signing up, you retain the right to gain access to your personal information, to see how we process it and for what purpose, and to tell us if you are opposed to our use of your data for any concrete activity. Plus, you can rectify your data if you view it as incorrect (you should always rectify it if there is a change) and you can even ask us to cancel if you do not want to be a LACOMUNITY user.

For this, you must contact us by sending an email to or by writing a letter to the address given at the bottom. Please note that in order to complete any of the actions stated , you will need an ID card or other document that identifies you and check to ensure that it is you who has contacted us.

LACOMUNITY understands that your email address is always correct, and assumes that any communication sent through the same will be received correctly. We ask that you disable the filters and other barriers that may prevent you from getting our emails.


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Persistent cookies are a type of cookie though which data are stored in the terminal and can be accessed and treated for a defined purpose by the head of the cookie, which can range from a few minutes to several year period.

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To unsubscribe from LACOMUNITY just enter [user] and choose "Cancel LACOMUNITY Account" in your profile.

If you signed a rental apartment in LACOMUNITY, you cannot unsubscribe for the duration of the lease.

Please note that if you leave LACOMUNITY, you cannot re-enter the same account and you will lose all personal information, including comments and in the future- if that were possible, the pictures displayed on your profile.

For any questions you may have you can contact us by sending an email to


As you know, cookies are small data files that are hosted on the computer of LACOMUNITY users containing some information of your visit at the website.

As you know, cookies are small data files that are hosted on the user's computer and LACOMUNITY containing certain information from you to visit the website.
LACOMUNITY uses cookies to facilitate your navigation. In any case, it is possible to associate cookies with your specific personal information or login through them. Furthermore, as a user you have the option of disabling cookies via your browser.


LACOMUNITY DEL ALQUILER INTELIGENTE S.L (hereinafter LACOMUNITY) is a company whose head office is in Barcelona, Travessera de Gàcia 73-79, 4o 7a, 08006 and contact email address telephone +0034 934884559. No. CIF is B65465825.

Once the reservation is made, the property manager has 24 working hours to cancel it only in case of technical incidents or due to external issues. In case of cancellation, this will be notified by email.

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